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About Us

The Edupower Consultancy Ltd is an International Educational and Business Consultant Company where the main head office is located in London city, England, UK. The Edupower cooperates with many English Schools and universities in the UK as well as collaborating other institutions across the world. We are professional consultancy company who works for its clients for the best possible options without losing the amateur spirit. We provide solutions for individuals and organizations across the world. We welcome anybody who desires best available Education and business consultancy around the world. Our founder, Mr. Sezer is an international education and business consultant who has experience in the regions of USA, UK, and EU. We also provide international educational and business consultancy for other regions. We believe that the education is power for any person and organization. We look forward to seeing you among our served and happy customers because of our tailored services. Wishing a pleasure and non-stop success journey throughout the education and business world.

“The road to success is not straight. It’s bumpy, it’s hard, it’s complicated, but it’s WORTH IT.” We are hungry to succeed throughout your cooperation in the world of business and education. To create your customized success story, Welcome to have the appointment with Edupower!

To have more information about our services, please reach us by sending an email (