Edu Power | COURSES
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Welcome to Edupower Education world!

If you already decided for the country and city to study, please choose the appropriate selection or reach us.

  • Academic courses in UK, USA, and Europe (GCSE, A-levels, Pre: programme, Undergraduate Foundation-college based, Undergraduate Foundation-university based, Master’s Foundation-university based, High School Term, International Baccalaureate Diploma, International Diploma Programme, Medics programme, Academic English programme-college based, English Language preparation programme-university based, and Summer programs.
  • Language Courses (English Courses, Junior Summer Study Holidays, Academic English for CATS college, English preparation on university campuses, Academic English for the Creative Arts, and Academic English for college preparatory students).
  • Pathways (Undergraduate pathways, Postgraduate pathways)
  • Flexible LearningĀ OptionsĀ (Online or blended courses to a global market on a part-time, flexible basis. Courses are delivered using cutting-edge, tablet-friendly technology through Digital partners with prestigious, high-quality UK universities)
  • Courses in Art, Drama, and Music